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Summer Challenge 2018

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What is the 2018 Summer Challenge?

“Taking a page” from the summer reading challenges that many libraries offer as a fun way to promote reading, we thought we would try a similar challenge for our young people as a fun way to promote habits of Bible and catechism memorization and Bible reading! Kids who want to participate will track their memory and reading accomplishments over the nine weeks of the summer, earning points for every chapter read and verse or question memorized.

How does it work?

There are two parts to the challenge: a catechism challenge, and a reading and memory challenge. For catechism, the kids simply memorize the answer (short or long) to the nine questions the church will be studying this summer, which are listed on the scoring sheets. (For 3-6-year-olds points can be earned just for talking about the question with your little ones). For the reading and memory challenge, points are earned for every Bible or Christian book chapter read (this includes both those read by the kids themselves and those read to the kids by others) and every verse memorized, with some bonuses for certain passages and books on the church reading list.

 Simply fill out the scoring sheets in this booklet (more are available in the church foyer or online, below!). The kids fill out their own sheets, though we encourage parents to have their kids say their memory verses and catechism to them (obviously parents will have to fill out most 3-6-year-old sheets). Remember that it is understanding, not letter-for-letter precision, that we’re aiming for—especially for younger children, “getting the gist” is good enough! At the end of the challenge in September, the parents simply initial each sheet and the kids bring them to one of the pastors!

What are Award Levels?

For each age group (3-6, 7-10, 11-17) we’ve set three targets, or numbers of points to collect—Bronze, Silver, and Gold. We want to recognize kids who do lots of reading and memory over the summer!

Where can I find the catechisms?

The 7-17-year-olds will be memorizing the New City Catechism, available for free here:


The 3-6-year-olds will be talking about the Calvary Grace Church Catechism for Young Children, a simplified version of the New City Catechism. The summer’s nine questions are printed in the booklet linked below. 

The extra creeds that the 11-17-year-olds can memorize are on the church website here.


2018 Summer Challenge Booklet (PDF, 9 pages)

Also, because the older kids can earn extra points for reading books on the church Introductory Reading List, here is a link to that list (note that some of these are free online!):

Calvary Grace Church Introductory Reading List (PDF, 6 pages)


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